Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rip Silks are here!

The newest arrival at Motherfunken is a line of Rip Silks! We noticed how popular our rippable clothing is and have been working hard to come up with more! I'm shocked it took us this long to get to silks! A common staple for slaves and Goreans in SL, silks are a popular fashion statement. Although, our version is far more revealing and much less Gor than most, we think it fits in at Motherfunken perfectly! The package available in world comes with the silks, including fully function, touch activated rip scripts, gold bangles, gold anklets, and a matching 'modesty' bikini for each color!
The model in the picture is wearing:
Redgrave Moon Tan Skin (Ice)
*KUROTSUBAKI*hair heart 7 (pink- recolored with the edit menu to black with gold bands)
Motherfunken Sexy Eyes (Chocolate)
*DagMar Shapes* Mona shape (Hot curves body- modified to taste)