Welcome to the MOTHERFUNKEN FAQ and Customer Support Page!

Please be advised: All purchases of no transfer items are NON-REFUNDABLE.


I purchased an item and didn't receive it!

Fill out a new notecard with your name, the product(including version if there are multiple), and the transaction history from the purchase and your item will be sent ASAP.

Don't know how to find your transaction history? In your Dashboard (Secondlife.com logged in) go to Account the transaction history (https://secondlife.com/my/account/transactions.php?lang=en-US ).

Do Motherfunken clothes with exposed versions automatically change via script/some other magic?

No. Motherfunken exposed clothing is designed for RP use. Wearers will need to either put the clothing into an RLV folder to allow themselves/people with RLV access to automatically change the clothing layers or change the clothing layers manually.  

Don't know how to put clothes in your RLV folder? Just make a folder called #RLV and under that, make subfolders for each outfit. Add the clothing items to those folders and they should be accessible by anyone with access to your RLV folders. For more detailed information check out this great tutorial http://realrestraint.blogspot.de/2008/08/objects-sharing-tutorial.html

Can I get a specific item in a specific color that isn't already available?

Please contact Resa Oberlander. 

Can I have some free stuff to blog?

Please complete a blogger application and you will be considered for a spot in the exclusive Motherfunken Bloggers Group!

Will more Lola TANGO appliers be added to old items?

Hopefully. The first priority is new products, however whenever free time presents itself appliers may be added to old products! Stay tuned!

If the FAQ has not answered your questions/concerns, or you just have a suggestion or would like to see a specific product, please visit the CONTACT page to contact customer support.

Thank you!