Friday, September 26, 2014

Wet Slut Panties

Check out the sexy new Wet Slut Panties! Rigged Mesh panties, slightly tugged down and featuring a very naughty sheer-pussy juice stained version! 

Click here to get your Wet Slut Panties on the MP or here to get them in world!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MF Hide and Hunt Event!

Motherfunken just opened the new Autumn Popup store! Not only are there a bunch of new goodies (like Wet Slut Panties and Dirty Daisy Dukes) there's a new Group Gift, new goodies on the Lucky Boards, a NEW Dom/sub themed Roleplay Club, but we're also having an event! 
The Hide and Hunt event starts today! Special gifts are hidden through out the store/club parcel! Plus we've secretly given some fatpacks in the shop a HUGE discount! 

Click here to start hunting!

New Sexy Furniture!

There's two new sexy furniture pieces out at Motherfunken and these are for the dirty girls!

Get yours on the Marketplace or at our NEW in world shop