Friday, October 16, 2009

So much new stuff!

We have been releasing so much new stuff that we have fallen behind in announcing them here! So I thought for the meantime I would just take a quick snapshot of everything, until I have time to give them all their own highlights. Our broad horizon of dirty stuff is quickly expanded! We've added more dresses, with slutty options of course, and even some sexy body oil in different intensities! Now is most certainly the time to come check out Motherfunken! I'll be blogging about the halloween costumes soon, and our big halloween event! Make sure you keep checking in, we never run out of ideas!

New Goody Bag

It's been a looooong time coming, but here it is! The new goody bag is out! With all the new stuff being released and the additions to the store, there was a bit of a delay in putting it together, but now that it's out, you'll be delighted! The story is called 'Dating Angelina', and features the bratty, overly egotistical sex bomb Angelina. She learns the hard way that her boyfriend Randy isn't up for the role of sugar daddy without some compensation! You'll get the story and erotic art in the package, plus a free prop from the story! The Dating Angelina Couch is a modern, sexy couch loaded with two couples sitting animations and the erotic pose featured in the story! A great addition to any home, especially since it's free!

We also had a group event this time! I hid sculpted letters around the store that spelled out 'Angelina'. Group members had to search the store, find all the letters, then figure out the name! It was a fast event! The name was figured out within an hour and the winner got to pick any prize they wanted! Lots of fun!

Discount area!

We're getting so busy these days! It's so hard to keep everything up to date.. but we're trying! We just added a new section to the Mainstore! A nice little discount area filled with products that have over time been overshadowed by our newer stuff. You'll find lots of goodies at remarkable prices! You'll also find the stuff that doesn't generally fit the theme of the store.. odds and ends we've put together over time when we needed something we couldn't find already made. Either way, it's worth checking out! Come have a looksie..