Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweetness for the Season

It's the sweetest month of the year, and that means you need something sweet and sexy to wear! So we've just released our Sweetheart Slut complete lingerie set! A very sexy set of lingerie, with bonus matching slutty makeup! You can get all the parts to the outfit seperately, or buy the premade set! Come get some sexy sweet stuff!

Sexy Leather!

There's nothing hotter than skin tight leather! We've just released three very sexy new leather pieces! The Slutty Leather Jacket features a sexy mid-drift cut and detailed prim accents. To match, we've released Slutty Leather Pants, and Slutty Leather Hotpants, two sexy styles of pants in tight fashionable leather style! Plus we've released a sexy mid-drift fishnet sweater, and a new outfit, the Street Slut!

Men's wear Debut!

Our first selection of men's wear has just been released! The devilishly sexy Dirty Pervert outfit is the first of our men's wear! The Dirty Pervert outfit features a sexy vintage style tee, hot high quality jeans with a 3D bulge, high quality boots, and all the accessories to complete the outfit! Plus you can buy each piece on it's own if you prefer to style your own outfit! Come check it out and drag your unfashionable man along!

New Years Releases!

It's almost the New Year, and that means its time for the best parties of the year! So we've set out lots of fantastic new goodies and freebies! You can come get your free sexy tuxedo mini dress, and the even sexier Champagne Dance Glass, featuring a sexy dance AND a naughty play animation! Plus we've released two new tops, barely big enough to be considered clothing,
and a very hot strapped corset!

Oral Whore Knee Pads + HUD

We've released something very special, Oral Whore Knee Pads! Prim knee pads to keep your pretty knees scuff free, and each pair includes our new Oral Whore HUD, FREE!

Holiday Freebies!

Motherfunken is decked out for the holidays! We've got tons of great freebies around our holiday tree, so come have a look and get in the pervy holiday spirit! This year our new freebies are a naughty XxXMas Tree, featuring 3 dirty sexy animations, The Naughty Xmas Sweater for men, and the Sexy Xmas Mini dress!