Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Fabulous Rip Gown!

This new elegant Rip Gown comes in a beautiful shade of Cocoa! It comes with all the features of our other Rip Gowns, but also features a Rippable Fur Borelo! This is a first at Motherfunken! Maybe a foreshadow of a new line of furs?! Who knows! But what we do know is anyone would look stunning in any ballroom with this fabulous gown! The best part is when you're done being the bell of the ball, your already dressed to get down to the fun dirty stuff! Not only does the dress post naughty emotes when its ripped off, but if you wear the whole outfit, when your dress is ripped off, you'll be left in a sexy corset with matching garters and nylons! You won't find a better outfit for a night on the town!
The model in the picture is wearing:
Redgrave Sakura Pale Skin (Smoky)
ETD Eva II Hair- Strawberry
Motherfunken Sexy Eyes (Hunter Green)
*DagMar Shapes* Mona shape (Hot curves body- modified to taste)

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  1. Hello! I am Dagmar Eberhardt (the creator of DagMar Shapes) and I am happy and flattered to see that you have credited my shape. Thank you very much.