Friday, July 23, 2010

Sound off!

You would not believe how many things we have in the making to release! Sometimes it seems like we come up with so many ideas, that we end up bouncing around on each one and it takes forever to release any of them. With RL college for me, I've been falling a tad behind with new releases and the Goody Bag stories, and don't even remind me about all the work to do to finish the next issue of FORCED! Summer break is coming up though, so I'll have a couple weeks to really focus on getting things up to date around here. I'm never sure though, exactly what you guys want! I know theres SO many fetishes and preferences out there, it's impossible to make everyone totally happy. But our goal has always been to offer lots of great stuff in a broad enough variety to make sure everyone finds something they want. Is there something you've been wanting badly but just can't find? Is there something you think we should be selling or doing? Be honest, and sound off! I'll check out these comments and reply! And just a reminder.. we love our pervies!

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  1. I think you are doing a great job, Resa.