Friday, February 13, 2015

Commissions at Motherfunken!

Have you been searching and searching for something specific that you just can't find? 

Do you need custom tattoos/brands/clothes for your business employees/slaves/event group?

Do you want a beautiful custom profile/pick or event picture?

Motherfunken is now taking CUSTOM commission orders! All orders will be completed within 3 days of the initial order!

Price Estimates:
Tattoo/Brand/Single Clothing Item
Mod/Copy or Mod/Trans                                $400L/ea
Full Perm                                                       $1400L 
Add appliers (TANGO/OMEGA/SLINK)      $400L

(Prices are negotiable and dependant upon the labor involved as well as perms.)
Prices listed are estimates. 

Please contact Resa Oberlander in Second Life or on Facebook for a personalized quote,

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